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China Heavy Duty Truck Heavy Truck Installs ABS Anti-lock Braking System


China National Heavy Duty Truck Company recently overcame the application difficulties of domestic heavy truck technology. It took only half a month to adopt the “ABS assembly refinement process plan” for Steyr, Steyr King and HOWO three major series of nearly 100 mainstream models. China National Heavy Duty Trucks won market opportunities after the country implemented new traffic regulations. At present, with the implementation of relevant national laws and regulations, the addition of ABS anti-lock braking systems to heavy trucks has become a standard configuration for domestic heavy trucks. This brake system is a very popular and mature automobile technology in recent years. All high-end heavy truck manufacturers in the world have formed ABS assembly refinement processes with independent intellectual property rights. However, due to the large differences between sensors and automatic control systems used by ABS components in various manufacturers, and the different chassis designs of mainstream products of various manufacturers, the design of several brands of ABS components that are well received by the market and users has been selected. With a scientific and pragmatic approach, we have comprehensively compiled a set of ABS assembly refinement processes that are suitable for our own series of products. This has become a technical competition in the recent domestic competition among heavy truck manufacturers. According to Li Pengxing, sales manager of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, the state has required the compulsory installation of ABS anti-lock braking systems on heavy-duty vehicles, but there is still a certain buffer period in the actual implementation.

At present, domestic heavy-duty truck manufacturers have already begun to solve the relevant assembly process problems, but China National Heavy Duty Truck has clearly achieved its first advantage. The vehicles produced by the company have all reserved interfaces, and the ABS assembly rate has been greatly improved. Of course, whether or not the vehicle is actually equipped with ABS depends on the actual needs of users. The installation cost is about 600 to 700 yuan. At present, it is mainly assembled by some large group users. China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Chairman Ma Chunji previously believed that heavy trucks are the highlights and growth points of China's auto industry. This year's growth rate is expected to continue to exceed the average growth rate of the automotive industry. China National Heavy Duty Truck Group's goal for this year is to ensure the production and sales of 60,000 heavy-duty vehicles, strive for 70,000 vehicles, produce and sell 200,000 engines, achieve sales revenue of 30 billion yuan, and continue to consolidate its leading position in the domestic heavy truck market.
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